Risk Management

Professional security consultants can be the solution to one of the greatest threats to an organization: not having enough knowledge and expertise to handle the latest threats and vulnerabilities.  Whether it is gaining a clear understanding of your organization’s security posture or the challenge of balancing security needs and security costs, our Security Consulting Services offers the expertise and proven recommendations to help you enhance your physical security posture, reduce your security risk, facilitate safe practices and improve your operational efficiency.  


At Spearhead Global Security, Inc. (SGS), our consultants analyze our client’s security needs and only recommend customized solutions that are relevant, effective and practical. We begin the security consulting process with a clear understanding of our client’s security requirements. From there we conduct a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) to establish the current and relevant risks to the client’s organization and its members.  Based on the TVA, security consultants then recommend risk-mitigating solutions in accordance with the client’s goals, culture and budget.  SGS can further assist the client by being involved in the implementation of the recommended solutions.

Organizations use our security consulting services in order to create a solid foundation for establishing or improving security policies, practices and procedures.  Our consulting services also provide an objective third-party evaluation of current security operations.

We can deliver a wide range of capabilities that include: Threat and Vulnerability Assessments, Security Policies and Procedures Development, Penetration Testing, Threat Management, Travel Risk Assessments, Executive Protection, Securing Intellectual Property, Security Training, and Standards Compliance.

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The safety and security of your organization and employees are a significant responsibility.  It is essential to have an actual security plan in place rather than the mere appearance of security.

Consider this difference between paying $25.00 for a security system to sit in your front yard with an actual security system.  Yes it is a deterrent, but what happens when a skilled and determined criminal decides to target your property despite your shiny sign?  Once the criminal enters the property and realizes you don't actually have any security, they are free to take their time and clear you out.  You are then left with one question:  Was the money you saved to purchase the appearance of security worth what you lost in the theft?

Do not wait until after a loss or attack.  Contact Spearhead Global Security today to discuss how we can work today to secure tomorrow for your organization.

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 Comprehensive Threat and Vulnerability Assessments are essential to securing your organization. SGS takes a multidisciplinary approach to analyze security with out of the box methodology to mitigate risks taking into account the physical environment, human element, and the role of technology.

Effective security begins with a clear understanding of current threats and vulnerabilities.  At SGS we bring decades of experience to our assessments and security services.  Our subject matter experts can further assist our clients by analyzing data to anticipate potential sources of new and developing threats.



Does your organization have current policies and procedures that cover risks like workplace violence, bomb threats, active shooters, or natural disasters?  How about executive protection or travel to high-risk areas?  How do you know if current procedures will be sufficient or effective? 

Effective security programs must cover many scenarios and clearly define the duties and expectations for everyone in your organization.

At SGS, we develop security policies tailored to our client’s needs and the risks they face.



Is your organization truly secure?  Are your current security measures being enforced?    

Security measures are of little use if they are not enforced.  A Security Penetration Test, also referred to as Target Analysis, assesses how effectively your organization’s security policies are being implemented.  Our tests will show where gaps & vulnerabilities might exist in your current systems and procedures.

By conducting a Security Penetration Test, we attempt to penetrate your facility and bypass  security to uncover weaknesses and security gaps throughout your organization.  We also identify what issues are causing that non-compliance to establish an effective security program.



 Threat Risk Assessments differ from a TVA in that here a specific threat exists rather than a TVA that is conducted to provide an overall assessment to enhance security.  There are several factors that can generate threats to yo, your family and your organization.  Social interactions, corporate activity and rivalries, activism, disgruntled current and former employees, and other sources of disaffection are a hot bed for threatening behavior aimed at organizations, corporations, and their personnel. 

These threats can take the form of harassment, stalking, physical assaults and other disruptions to your daily life and operations.  Once a threat has been identified it must be mitigated.  At SGS we utilize a 5 Step Process to help our clients mitigate their risk from threats. 

  1. Threat Assessment
  2. Investigating the Threat
  3. Review Current Security 
  4. Determine Proper Response
  5. Establish & Execute the Security Plan



Unpredictable events impacting personal and business travel around the world have become common place.  The continuation of terrorist related attacks, corporate espionage, spreading of infectious diseases, natural disasters, low level criminal activity and even every day accidents and other incidents are all events that are often beyond your control.  

Meanwhile your responsibility and liability to safeguard your self, family, employees and corporate assets continue to grow.  

It is more important than ever to reevaluate your perception of travel risk.  We provide a full range of services to meet your particular travel needs for safety around the  globe.

SGS offers a fresh approach to travel risk assessment and a new set of tools to meet today’s operational risk management demands.  We provide: 

  1. Travel policies and procedures
  2. Geographical travel advisories
  3. Onsite Executive Protection
  4. Contingency & Crisis management plans
  5. Customized travel awareness training



Compromising intellectual property (IP) and proprietary information has become a common occurrence in recent times.  From military secrets to political information to corporate data, classified information is being disclosed to those who do not have access at an alarming rate. 

The threat of compromised information comes from current and former employees, sub-contractors, competitors, customers, distributors, vendors, and activists.  Because the threat stems from so many sources, securing your information must encompass issues of management structure, operational security, access control and cyber security.

To develop an effective security strategy we must first identify what we are safeguarding:

  •  Intellectual Property:  These are protected by law (patents, trademarks, and copyrights). 

  • Proprietary Information: Secret information that a business uses to gain an edge, but not protected by law.  It's protected by secrecy instead, enforced  by non-disclosure agreements that is part of employee's contracts.



A well-defined set of Policies and Procedures for security is only effective if everyone in your organization follows the standard operating procedures for security. A Standards Compliance program is essential for any organization to be successful and ensure its people and assets are protected.  In today’s complex security environment, organizations already have many challenges managing their risks and ensuring a safe and secure environment. It only takes one person to not follow one procedure one time to create a large security gap that leaves an organization vulnerable to a myriad of threats. 

Allow SGS to develop a Standards Compliance program to allow you to test security procedures, enable effective information sharing, avoid wasteful overlaps, effectively report violation, and operate more efficiently, .



A liaison officer (LNO) is a person who develops a working relationship between two organizations to enhance communication and coordinate activities to their mutual benefit.  Generally, liaison officers are used to achieve the best utilization of resources or employment of services of one organization by another.

Having a pre-established rapport with local law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, fire departments and other first responders can make the difference between minutes and seconds when responding to an emergency situation.  

Our personnel have prior military and law enforcement backgrounds, understand the language utilized by first responders, as well as the key pieces of information those responders look for in an emergency.  SGS can bridge the communication gap and be your LNO to enhance communications and knowledge sharing to enhance security.



Contingency Planning & Crisis Management are not conflicting concepts but instead work in tandem.  Contingency Planning is the process of preparing for potential emergencies.  Crisis management is the overall management of emergencies when they do occur.  Smart and diligent Contingency Planning is a key aspect of Crisis Management and ensures individuals & organizations make necessary preparations to be ready when trouble strikes.

  • Natural Disasters
  • Active Shooter
  • Civil and/or Political Unrest
  • Security Breach
  • Kidnapping / Hostage Situations

These are some of the contingencies that should be considered, analyzed and planned for.  Waiting until they occur will leave you unable to effectively react.  Be proactive and prepared for multiple scenarios to maintain an edge it protecting what matters to you.



Similar to a Penetration Test, Security Audits test the current application of current security measures.  A Security Audit is a Compliance Check where observations and checks are conducted with the awareness and assistance of organizational personnel.


A security audit assesses how effectively your organization’s security policies are being implemented.  We possess the resources to identify where weaknesses, gaps and vulnerabilities might exist in your current policies and procedures, operational security, as well as to identify the issues that are driving the non-compliance.

There are countless reasons for non-compliance of existing security procedures.  Employees bypass security measures for the mere sake of convenience, feel they inhibit productivity, resist change, or due to forgetfulness and carelessness.  Security personnel ignore non-compliance out of a sense of obligation to executive staff and for friends or objects of affection. Many feel like they will be ostracized by co-workers for being the one who doesn’t allow another employee through a key card accessed door without scanning their own card. Enforcing security procedures compliance is more challenging for companies with multiple facilities.



 Executive protection (EP) is a security and risk mitigation measure taken to ensure the safety of personnel who are at a high threat risk due to their employment, high-profile status, net worth, domestic relationships, affiliations or geographical location. If you are at high risk of threat against your safety or he safety of your loved ones, your daily pattern of life can quickly become impacted or even severely restricted. Threats of assault, kidnapping and ransom and even death threats are just a few risks that can be mitigated through the application of a trained EP team. 

SGS, fully licensed and insured, employs highly trained and experienced protective agents to mitigate our client’s risk.  We provide professional services designed around our client's needs from safe and secure travel to driver services to armed close protection.  

SGS will take a comprehensive look all the factors surrounding the threat/concerns, as well as the environment you operate in to effectively design a protection plan that suits your needs while allowing you to go about your daily pattern unobstructed.  Contact us today to at see how we can design an EP plan for you.



We don’t know what we don’t know and knowledge and skills not used deteriorate. 

We must all seek initial training and continuing education in order to gain a basic level of competence on a subject, maintain that level of competence and increase knowledge and performance through various learning activities and programs.  

Learning never stops.  Even the most experienced security professional needs to continuously seek out continuing education.

At SGS, we conduct training on a wide array of security related topics.  Our courses range from administrative functions to advanced tactical training.  At SGS, subject matter experts teach in an environment designed to educate students of all experience levels to enhance their security and operating capabilities.

Contact us today to discuss one of our training courses or to see how we can design a training program focused on your specific requirements.