Executive protection (EP), also known as close protection,  refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the  safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated  personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, domestic relationships, affiliations or geographical location. 


Spearhead Global Security, Inc. (SGS) is a fully licensed and insured full service security firm.  We provide professional executive protection services designed around our client's needs.  We ensure safe and secure travel itineraries for corporate executives, high profile celebrities, trial witnesses, travelers and anyone else who has a particular need for personal protection.  We do not offer "standard" cookie cutter services because we understand our client's protection needs are unique to their particular circumstances.

There is a vast difference between Executive Protection Firms and companies offering Body Guard Services marketed as Executive Protection and only follow their clients around.  All of our agents are former military and/or law enforcement personnel who are licensed, trained and experienced in providing Executive Protection services.  SGS's protection agents know how to plan, organize and conduct protection details to ensure your safety.

SGS conducts global executive protection services in a myriad of environments to include rural, urban and high threat conflict areas.   Our client's range from business men and women, politicians, diplomats, individual citizens, families and children.   Each job, client and environment require a different mindset and planning considerations.  At Spearhead Global Security we adapt to our environment and apply the necessary skills, tactics and procedures to provide executive level protection.  Our goal is to always provide services with minimal disruption to the everyday lives of our client(s).  We accomplish this goal by assigning a protective agent that is best suited for your needs from one of four tiers.

  • TIER 1:  0-3 years experience
  • TIER 2:  3-5 years experience
  • TIER 3:  5-10 years experience
  • TIER 4:  Over 10 years experience (tactical, high risk environment and/or  combat experience)

In addition to top level executive protection services, we also offer our clients full service concierge services to ensure your comfort and hassle free travels while secure in the mindset your safety is in the hands of trained and experienced professionals.

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Are you in need of protection services for yourself or your loved ones?  

Traveling for business with proprietary information or to a high threat area?  

Are you new to an area and looking for full concierge and valet services combined with security?

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When selecting an EP Team, consider the following questions during the selection & hiring process:

  • How long has the company been established?  14 years

  • Is your company registered/licensed? If so, where?  Yes, in the state of NC

  • Do we have to agree to a service contract?  Yes, to know the expectations

  • Do you have a confidentiality contract?  Yes, we always protect client's information

  • Are your Executive Protection Officers vetted? If so, to what standard?  Yes, licensed and background checks verified

  • How much does the service cost?  Our costs are based on services provided and are within the industry average for the level of services provided.

  • Is there a discount for a longer period?  Yes, determine on length and type of services provided.  We always strive to offer our client's the best rates we can.

  • Do you have all the correct insurance documentation?  SGS is fully licensed and insured.

  • How experienced is the company?  All of our agents are trained and experienced former military and law enforcement officers.

  • Can you show me some Resume/CVs?  Upon request.  Some Bio information can be found on our about us page.

  • How does traveling overseas work? Visa constraints?  We handle all arrangements and work with client's to ensure all legal documentation is obtained prior to travel.

  • What is included in the package exactly (first aid and communications equipment etc.)?  We discuss all services to include communications plans and medical coverage based on the services provided and the assignment environment.

  • Why should I choose your company? SGS is a professional security firm that places the safety and comfort of our clients as our number one priority.  We only utilize licensed, trained and experienced agents and we are full licensed and insured.  When professionalism, confidentiality, tact, and experience backed knowledge are a necessity, Spearhead Global security, Inc. is here for you.

If a company has any issue answering any of the above questions or providing any of the mentioned documents, you must ask yourself why?  When it's your life and the lives of your loved ones, you owe it to yourself to ensure you are using trained professionals.