Policy Importance

The development and maintenance of a current Security Policy that addresses current threats is integral part of any Security Program.  Security policies set the standard for the implementation of all controls associated with managing the risk associated with an organization's Security Plan.  Spearhead Global Security’s policy development services can help you rapidly create and deploy comprehensive security policies, standards, and guidelines. 

Who is responsible for securing an organization's security?  Is it the physical security staff?  How about the IT department?  Management?  Ultimately, security is everyone’s responsibility. It is not just and individual responsibility, but also an organizational responsibility as well.  It is, therefore, inherent for top administrators to ensure that an appropriate and effective security policy is developed and put into practice throughout the organization. This is the only way to ensure all personnel know and understand the organizations policies and procedures on security. 

Do personnel within your organization know how to react to workplace violence, active shooters, bomb threats or natural disasters?  While policies themselves don't solve problems, and can complicate things unless they are clearly written and followed, policy does define the rules, regulations and roles within an organization regarding security.  By definition, security policy refers to clear, comprehensive, and well-defined plans, rules, and practices that regulate access to an organization, its systems and the information included in it.  A solid security policy not only protects individual employees, systems and information but also the organization as a whole.  It also serves as a prominent statement to the outside world about the organization's commitment to security.

 A sample of policies we can deliver include: 

  • External Security
  • Internal Security
  • Physical Access to the facility
  • Employee Badging & Access
  • Visitor Security
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Natural Disasters
  • Medical Emergency Plan
  • Travel Security

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Do not leave your security to chance.   A lack of clear guidance and expectations leads to confusion and complacency.  Lean forward and be proactive in securing your personnel, facility and organization from the many threats that threaten your security.

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