Program Overview

As a result of increased active shooter incidents across the country (and the world) active shooter training has become an unfortunate necessity in our lives. Active shooter incidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. They are often unpredictable, evolve quickly and are typically over in a matter of minutes. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, we must be prepared to act in order to mitigate the impacts of an active shooter until law enforcement arrives.

Active shooter training is designed to provide a knowledge base to students, teachers, managers, employees, law enforcement and individuals, allowing them to better prepare and react to an active shooter situation. At SGS, we understand there are no shortcuts when it comes to safety.  We remains vigilant in the fight to provide safety, knowledge and preparation to facilitate a safe and secure working environment.

Active Shooter Training enhances the overall awareness and survival of personnel during an active shooter incident.  The Active Shooter Preparedness training is approximately 4-6 hours long depending on the amount of attendee participation and questions, which we highly encourage; however, it is taught to standard, not to time. This means that the training ends when all students fully understand the material and have had a chance to ask and obtain answers to all their questions.  

This training extensively covers the topic of active shooter incidents with past incident examples; therefore, some content may be disturbing and/or upsetting to some. The training course follows the department of Homeland Security approved Active Shooter Response model of Run, Hide, Fight, as well as facilitates the development of an Emergency Action Plan. At the end of the training, attendees will:

  • understand what an active shooter incident is
  • know the steps to take to increase your chances of surviving an active shooter incident
  • have the knowledge to prepare for and help prevent active shooter incidents
  • obtain the framework to develop an Emergency Action Plan
  • understand their roles and responsibilities during an active shooter incident
  • be capable of recognizing potential violence
  • know how to conduct follow up & manage consequences after the active shooter incident ends

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Active Shooter Preparedness does not change based on who you are or where you are training for.  As we have stated, an Active Shooter incident can occur to anyone, anywhere at any time.  As a result, our Active Shooter training prepares you to react and employ the principles taught in any environment.

Contact us today to obtain more  detailed information about our program or to learn how you can set up an Active Shooter preparedness training seminar for your organization.