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SGS offers comprehensive security services.  We set the highest standards for our services and personnel.  Our approach to security solutions is derived from a combination of threat  vulnerability and risk assessments, analysis, and planning to ensure all aspects of security have been properly considered.  

Established in 2005, SGS is a Veteran owned business and has been operating worldwide for over 13 years.  Every contact, contract and service is handled  legally, ethically, and professionally as discreetly as possible. 



 We realize how important your security is to you.  Our approach to security has changed significantly over the last 10-15 years.  At SGS we continue to adapt our security strategies to meet current and evolving threat trends. We remain situationally aware and utilize "out of the box" methodology to assess and respond to security concerns and threats.    

Acts of terrorism and criminal conduct have and can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  At SGS, we provide our clients with the information and services necessary to facilitate protecting themselves, their families, employees, clients, and business assets. 



 Our clients place their trust and confidence in SGS because we utilize a unique combination of specialized experience, expertise, insight, training, consultation services and flexible security solutions to help our clients mitigate security risks 

We use Threat Analysis and Assessment techniques to accurately identify the potential threats & risks posed against an individual or organization then provide sensible solutions to minimize the potential of falling victim to those threats.  Our goal is to listen to your specific needs and provide you with an appropriate and satisfying solution.  We are here to address your security concerns, from the  simplest to the most serious and complex.    

Spearhead Global Security because there are no shortcuts when it comes to security.  SGS remains vigilant in the fight to provide safety, knowledge and preparation to facilitate a secure working and living environment. 


David C. Kaiser

David C. Kaiser is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces combat veteran with multiple operational deployments worldwide.  A Wounded Warrior,  David has over 24 years of combined experience in law enforcement and military special operations as a police officer, special forces operator, military and political advisor and instructor.  David is also a certified NC PPS Firearms Instructor.   

Mr. Kaiser has real-world operational and security experience on a global scale having conducted, managed, instructed and advised law enforcement, as well as domestic and foreign military on: Special Weapons and Tactics; Force Protection Measures; Personal, Unit and Executive Security Measures; Crisis communications; Cultural Awareness; Security Policy Advisement and Development; Investigations; Intelligence Collection and Analysis; Surveillance; Counter-Surveillance; Site and Base Security; Basic and Advanced Pistol & Rifle Marksmanship; Demolitions; Unconventional Warfare Methods; Small Unit Tactics; Close Quarter Combat Techniques; Defensive Tactics; and Vehicle Convoy Security. 

Additionally, Mr. Kaiser has over 15 years of experience advising the political and military leaders of the United States, as well as several foreign national governments on both operational and strategic level security and policy matters; national and global security concerns; and counter-terrorism techniques and procedures.

Mr. Kaiser holds a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Troy State University. 




Spearhead Global Security

Comprehensive security services to suit all of your needs.  

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A full service private investigations firm ready to assist you in any civil and/or criminal matter.

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Providing firearms training geared towards enhancing your survivability in a real world deadly force encounter.

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